Why should you sell your house through real estate agencies

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5+1 reasons to sell your house through real estate agencies

The spread of online real estate ads has created a false myth: the figure of the real estate agent is no longer essential because even individuals can enter proposals and negotiations take place quietly between individuals and without intermediaries. In this article we talk about the reasons why it is not so convenient to sell a house privately.

Well, let’s start with the first of the 6 reasons why selling a property through an agency is a good choice in most cases:

    • Selling houses is a job

Many people underestimate the commitment that lies behind the sale of a house. Market research, taking photos of the rooms, writing and publishing ads in thematic newspapers and on the agency’s website, sorting calls, making appointments and showing the property, managing negotiations… in short, it’s a stressful and exhausting job!

    • Price evaluation

Many homes are unsold due to an incorrect valuation. Since the offers are public, the buyers know the market prices before meeting the real estate agent and immediately discard the unfavorable properties.

Only a professional real estate agent can give the right estimate to the property: he knows the local market and can count on the collaboration of other professionals who know how to attribute the exact value.

    • Collaboration between agencies

Very often real estate agencies collaborate with each other; this means that they have a much broader view of the real estate market, which goes far beyond the advertisements published in online newspapers.

    • Negotiation

Negotiations for the sale of a property are not simple. If you are a private individual you risk selling it off or not closing the deal because you got the price wrong. A real estate agent has a professional evaluation and knows how to make the most sensible choices.

At the end of the negotiation, all the bureaucratic part relating to the sale of the property takes over, requiring the exclusive presence of a serious and competent professional figure

    • Knowledge of the real estate market

The real estate market has its own dynamics; the sale of the property depends on the specific context in which it is inserted and the point of competitiveness.

An experienced real estate agent knows the sale price based on the context and the neighborhood in which it is located and this price is almost always different from that published on thematic portals by individuals.

The real estate agent knows the area because he visits it every day and is able to have a global vision; He’s able to make the best choices and increase the chances that the property will be sold in the shortest possible time.

    • Real Estate Marketing

Real estate agencies propose a real estate marketing plan to their clients, which includes the creation of a photo-video service, the writing of a persuasive ad, the publication on thematic portals and the agency’s website, the creation of advertising campaigns, if any. home staging service and much more.

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