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North Sardinia Holiday Home

Someone, thinking of Sardinia, recognizes that mythical island of which the philosopher Plato spoke 2500 years ago, called Atlantis, the earthly paradise of the ancients.

Who live there know what perfume of wisdom, solemnity and brotherhood emanate from these lands.

Sardinian people always recognize each other. Wherever they are in the world, the bond that binds them to their land is indissoluble and profound.

If we asked all Sardinians, who have moved away for work reasons, if they would like to return to their land, practically everyone would answer in the affirmative way.

It isn’t always possible to return permanently but buying a holiday home in Sardinia to find the known places, feel the scents of one’s youth or enjoy its natural wonders is now possible.

Orizzonte Casa Sardegna is a real estate agency with over ten years of experience that offers you the opportunity to buy a house on our island with a quality/price ratio that cannot be found anywhere else. The houses are built with the good taste and professionalism of those who know the area and have always lived there.

Realize the dream of being an integral part of your island. You can come back when you want, move your business, or move permanently. A holiday home in Sardinia is also an investment without equal in terms of safety and profitability.

Contact our agency for any information you need and to find out which real estate offers we have in the catalog.

Your holiday home in Sardinia is waiting for you!

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