Coronavirus: how does the pandemic affect the real estate market?

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The Coronavirus has inevitably affected the lives of all of us – in such a short amount of time. Every decision we take is somehow influenced by the pandemic, including buying a property. But is it worth investing in real estate under these circumstances? Or is it better to sell? Are prices going up or down?

Those are questions that are certainly not easy to answer, just as it is not easy to predict the state of the housing market in the post-Pandemic era.

The various lockdowns have had heavy consequences from an economic standpoint, as well as on house prices, which seem to be declining on average.

Therefore, from an economic point of view, the answer is yes, it is worth buying a house in the times of the Coronavirus. Real estate always marks a safe investment, and especially in Sardinia, can accumulate a profitable return on investment through summer rentals which are still ongoing.

The normal drop in demand post-lockdown has had the effect of logically lowering real estate prices. Another important factor are mortgages, which in a moment of crisis offer more convenient conditions as fewer people can afford to request one.

But – where to buy a house?

Another consequence of the Coronavirus has been the increase of smart-working. But how is this connected to buying a home? Smart-working means working from home, maybe no longer having to go to the office or having to meet with clients. So why continue to live in your small, expensive home in the city center? It used to have an advantage as it was close to your workplace, but now? Wouldn’t it be better to move into a bigger house, maybe near the sea to enjoy your breaks in the sunshine?

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